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Type II Diabetes and Bone Health

Research co-authored by Dr. Joshi & Dr. Simmons

Bone health has been traditionally understood as having enough calcium in our diet, and avoiding osteoporosis through screening and treatment. We are now understanding that other factors, such as diabetes, may influence bone fragility and lead to major problems such as vertebral, or spinal, fractures.

These links are especially strong in the Hispanic population. Led by Robert Fajardo, PhD at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, a research team is exploring these relationships between diabetes and bone fragility. 

We are proud, at the South Texas Spinal Clinic, to be a part of this bone health research team with Dr. Fajardo. We are involved in a clinical study to collect tissue samples that would be normally discarded in the operating room.

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Clay Beabout & Dr. Simmons on The Doctors

b_clay_and_dr_simmons.jpg Clay Beabout joins The Doctors, along with his mother and orthopedic spinal surgeon Dr. James Walter Simmons to discuss Clay's many surgeries and how he is doing now.

Dr. Simmons explains how titanium ribs serve similarly to guy wires on a sapling... more


A New Solution

Thanks to the NuVasive technology utilized by Surgeons at South Texas Spinal Clinic, patients with debilitating pain have more hope than ever.

By: Rose Mary Budge, Photography: styleGIO

Spine surgery can be scary. It wasn’t something Mariscela F. Gaona wanted to consider even though spinal woes were causing her almost constant pain, and she couldn’t walk without a very noticeable limp. “I took shots and tried to find non-surgical answers for my problems,” Gaona says. “But nothing seemed to work. A day or so after the shots, the pain would return, and I’d be suffering again.”

Finally, her husband, Raul Gaona, an internist, said the situation couldn’t go on. Her son, Raul Gaona Jr. – also a physician – agreed. Mom was outnumbered and had to agree with the men in the family that it was time – way past time, in fact – to take action. Read more on NuVasive spinal surgery


th_Paul_T_Geibel.jpgAdvances in Surgical Treatment of Lumbar Degenerative Disk Disease:

It’s Not Your Father’s Back Surgery

By Paul T. Geibel, M.D.

With 80 percent of adult Americans sustaining at least one episode of severe disabling lumbar back pain in their lives, lumbar surgical treatment alternatives are always in the news. Approximately 85 percent of these patients will improve with non-surgical interventions in the form of physical therapy, medications, pain management, or a significant lifestyle change. The remaining patients may be left with surgical decisions to alleviate their lumbar symptoms.

Have the surgical options changed? Indeed they have. A myriad of new surgical techniques and a pipeline of new technologies are being developed. Not all can be addressed in this short article, so we will concentrate on some of the newer and more efficacious surgical advances...

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The Spine Hospital of South Texas offers a safe, convenient high-quality alternative to routine inpatient hospitalization in a large hospital environment. Fully certified by the Texas Department of Health, licensed by Medicare and fully accredited with JCAHO, the Hospital is located at 18600 N. Hardy Oak Blvd, in North Central San Antonio. Call (210) 404-0800, or visit online at Read more about The Spine Hospital of San Antonio.