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Spinal Surgery

Spinal Surgery The thought of needing spinal surgery can be daunting. Often patients donít know exactly what will be involved in terms of the surgery, pain management, and rehabilitation. Using qualified, caring doctors at a highly regarded facility can help ease patientsí worries about spinal surgery. Our staff and specialists at the South Texas Spinal Clinic are leaders in caring for your back and spine. We treat each patient as an individual and work out a plan to ensure you know what to expect and your reservations and worries are put to rest.

Maybe you have had a long term back problem or youíve recently had an injury, you should know that spinal surgery may or may not be your only option. Recent statistics show that nearly 80% of Americans will suffer at least one occurrence of severe lumbar back pain in their lifetime, and 15% of those people will find that surgery is the best treatment for the injury. South Texas Spinal Clinicís staff is concerned with each case and we will work to find out how to get you feeling better. There have been many recent advances in spinal care, and our clinic strives to stay on top of them and offer our patients the best options for care. While we use state-of-the-art medical technology and implement medicine's most sophisticated procedures, we realize that personalized, traditional care should always be our goal. The wellbeing of our patients is the cornerstone of our practice at South Texas Spinal Clinic.

We do many spinal surgery procedures including anterior cervical fusion, anterior cervical discectomy, lumbar laminectomy, lumbar microdiscectomy, and microendoscopic system. Along with spinal surgery, we offer physical therapy, back school, work hardening, functional assessment, electromyography, and pain management. We have three main offices located throughout San Antonio. We also see patients at other satellite offices in San Antonio and in the surrounding area. Call us to make an appointment for an examination and to discuss your spinal surgery options. We want to help you and meet all of your spinal needs. South Texas Spinal Clinic is Texas spine care at its very finest.

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