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4 Ways Laser Surgery Can Ease Your Recovery

If you need surgery, especially when you need surgical procedures performed in the area around your spine, it’s only natural to have some concerns. While surgical treatment may be needed to effectively resolve symptoms like back pain, neck pain, or other serious issues, what about risks of complications? And, you might wonder, how much time are you going to need to set aside for recovery?

The good news is, today’s laser surgery techniques minimize the invasiveness of spinal surgeries. At the South Texas Spinal Clinic, our team of pain management and regenerative medicine experts can get you through important spinal surgeries and other surgical procedures with ease.

1. Smaller incisions

Minimally-invasive surgical techniques prioritize small incision sizes. Your provider at the South Texas Spinal Clinic uses special tools to work through the smallest possible incision for your procedure. Laser surgery uses specialized, focused beams of light energy to make the surgical incision, rather than cutting through your tissues with a scalpel.

Depending on your treatment needs, you could benefit from surgical procedures using different types of laser tools. Carbon dioxide laser, the YAG (neodymium, or yttrium aluminum garnet) laser, and the argon laser are used in various ways for surgical treatment.

2. Minimizing blood loss

Laser surgery procedures help to minimize your overall blood loss by rapidly sealing off small blood vessels around the incision. Additionally, laser surgery seals off your lymph vessels, decreasing post-procedure swelling.

Sealing off your lymph vessels is an effective way of decreasing spread of tumor cells after a surgical removal, as well. Laser surgical techniques are often used for tumor removals.

3. Shorter overall recovery time

When you receive surgical treatment using minimally invasive techniques like laser surgery, you don’t have to deal with as much recovery time. Smaller incisions heal more rapidly, and, after a laser surgery procedure, you won’t need to recuperate from much blood loss. This means faster healing and less toll on your whole-body wellbeing.

And, with laser surgery, your procedure typically takes less time to complete, and can be performed on an outpatient basis without an overnight hospital stay.

4. Less scarring

The precision of laser tools means that we can keep your incision short and shallow, sparing your tissues from damage.

Laser therapy can be used to treat skin conditions — so, when you receive laser surgery, scarring is less of a concern than with traditional open surgery methods. Lasers stimulate your skin to increase your natural production of collagen, plumping and revitalizing your skin at a deep level.

To learn more about the minimally invasive surgical treatment options available to you at South Texas Spinal Clinic, get in touch with our experts today. You can schedule your consultation appointment at one of our convenient San Antonio and South Texas locations over the phone, or go online now to book your session at South Texas Spinal Clinic.

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