Can Physical Therapy Reduce Neck Pain?

“What a pain in the neck.” There’s a good chance you’ve used that phrase at least once in your life. Neck pain is something almost everyone can relate to, at least some of the time. If you’ve been living with chronic neck pain, however, you should know that you have real, non-invasive and drug-free treatment options.

The care team at South Texas Spinal Clinic uses physical therapy techniques to reduce and, in some cases, even eliminate their patients’ neck pain. With physical therapy (PT) treatment, you can free yourself from your neck pain, without worrying about medications, needles, injections, or other more invasive pain management treatments.

How physical therapy can help manage your neck pain

You could suffer from neck pain due to an accident or injury, or the condition might be a chronic problem you’ve lived with for some time. One of the best ways to build your muscles back up and relieve your pain is through gentle, professionally supervised physical therapy.

The South Texas Spinal Clinic team uses multiple physical therapy techniques and modalities to reduce your neck pain. You could potentially benefit from:

Your dedication and persistence powers your physical therapy, allowing you to achieve long-term healing and natural pain management. Our team works with you to identify your pain thresholds and prevent you from over-working painful, tensed muscles in your neck and back.

Building back better from neck pain

Our goals with physical therapy are to strengthen your muscles, restore your range of motion, and keep all the components of your back, neck, and spine working together smoothly to support your physical function. Physical therapy works effectively to reduce inflammation, relax tensed and painful muscles, and improve blood flow to the treatment area for increased healing and new tissue growth.

After working with your South Texas Spinal Clinic provider to design your customized physical therapy program, you’ll receive ongoing support for the duration of your PT. You can even continue your stretches and exercises on your own at home, after you’ve learned to do them correctly under medical supervision with your therapist. With physical therapy, you can manage your long-term neck pain levels, or even eliminate your neck pain completely.

To learn more about how physical therapy could deal with the underlying cause of your neck pain, relieve your symptoms, and reduce your overall pain levels, get in touch with the neck pain experts at South Texas Spinal Clinic today. You can book your initial consultation appointment at one of our multiple locations throughout the South Texas and San Antonio, Texas, area over the phone, or request an appointment online.

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