Is Lower Back Pain Holding You Back from Doing the Activities You Love?

Is Lower Back Pain Holding You Back from Doing the Activities You Love?

You wake up in the morning, open your eyes, and it hits you right away: aching or sharp pain, shooting or radiating through your lower back. Or, maybe you have a short period each morning before your low back pain inevitably returns, leaving you shifting and uncomfortable by evening.

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints of adults in the United States. Some back pain symptoms are acute, related to an injury, while others stem from chronic back pain that rarely lets up.

If you notice that you change or cancel plans due to lower back pain, especially if it’s been a while since you were pain-free, it’s time to get serious about your back pain symptoms. The physical therapy and orthopedic surgery experts at South Texas Spinal Clinic can help you get straightened back out.

We offer treatment and support to new and existing patients with back pain problems from our locations in San Antonio and South Texas.

Back pain due to injury or overuse

Your lower back supports the weight of your torso and head, while allowing you to bend and twist. A lot of muscles, ligaments, and spinal discs have to stay in good shape for your lower back to retain a full range of motion and remain pain-free.

Acute injuries to your back muscles or spine, as well as repetitive stress injuries from accumulated overuse and overactivity, such as regular heavy lifting, often result in pain. Spinning and twisting motions can also put you at higher risk of back pain.

Back pain due to degeneration

Your spine can degenerate in ways that lead to back pain, as well. If one of the discs that cushion your spinal vertebrae becomes damaged or misaligned, you feel stabbing or shooting nerve pain. 

Herniated spinal discs are a common reason for chronic low back pain that doesn’t improve with rest and recuperation. You can also suffer from compression fractures due to osteoporosis-weakened bones. 

The team at South Texas Spinal Clinic can advise you on handling back pain relating to spinal issues.

Interventions to relieve your back pain

At South Texas Spinal Clinic, our providers determine the cause of your back pain, and get started on your treatment plan. We use pain management strategies to get your symptoms under control. And we work with you until your low back pain symptoms no longer interfere with your day-to-day life.

Physical therapy helps with low back pain due to muscle strains, injuries, and more. Epidural steroid injections or nerve blocks can help with persistent or chronic low back pain. You may also need surgical intervention to correct spinal issues, such as spinal stenosis or compression fractures.

To learn more about the causes of your low back pain and the treatments that can relieve your symptoms and get your life back on track, get in touch with the team at South Texas Spinal Clinic today. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment with our online tool, or call now to book your appointment.

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