Is Physical Therapy Safe After Back Surgery?

Is Physical Therapy Safe After Back Surgery?

You may need back or spinal surgery for a variety of reasons. Depending on the invasiveness of your procedure, you may be facing a more or less intensive post-surgery recovery process.

At South Texas Spinal Clinic of San Antonio and South Texas, our team of orthopedic surgery experts and physical therapists provide the physical therapy you need to recover as fully and quickly as possible. And, yes, physical therapy is a completely safe part of your healing process.

Recovering from back surgery

After major back surgery or spinal surgery, your body needs support for full rehabilitation and recovery. Once you’ve invested so much into your back, isn’t it worth the finishing touch of physical therapy to lock in your full results?

You may need professional support with pain control, using techniques like icing, electrical devices like a TENS unit, or physical therapy positions and movements. Once our physical therapists have shown you the right movements to use for pain relief, you can use many physical therapy techniques on your own at any time for pain control.

Our professional physical therapists work with you to develop a unique training plan that takes all your post-surgery care needs into account. With our support, you can trust that your physical therapy regimen will be safe, and avoid over-straining your recovering back and body.

Rebuilding your muscles

Back surgery can negatively affect your muscles, including muscles at the incision area, as well as muscles that may have been affected by whatever issue caused you to need surgical treatment. Physical therapy can help with both.

You can protect your spine by learning to use the small muscles located around your vertebrae. Physical therapy can train and strengthen these muscles, providing lasting stability and support for your spine.

Exercise is essential to restore your strength after back surgery. With exercise, you can reduce fatigue and lower your risk of re-injury. Let our physical therapy team help you get back up to full strength post-surgery.

Rebuilding your quality of life

Physical therapy also focuses on rebuilding your mobility, getting you back to the flexibility you need to move freely. After back surgery, you may need support building flexibility in your shoulder or hips. Working with a trained physical therapist is the best way to reclaim your full range of motion without harming your postoperative spine.

Your physical therapist at South Texas Spinal Clinic makes sure that all your physical therapy movements, exercises, and treatments are safe for your post-surgery body.

To learn more, contact the team at South Texas Spinal Clinic today. Schedule your appointment online, or call now to book.

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