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Is There Any Way to Avoid Osteoarthritis?

Is There Any Way to Avoid Osteoarthritis?

Many of the health problems that appear with old age are related to joint dysfunction. If the joints of your spine or extremities don’t move smoothly, fully, or with ease, your ability to get yourself around without too much pain becomes compromised.

And, once you’re dealing with chronic joint pain and dysfunction, it’s easy to grow more sedentary, putting you at heightened risk for additional health complications like back pain, cardiac problems, and more.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the leading causes of joint pain in adults, especially once you get into older age ranges. OA can’t be fully prevented or cured, but there is a lot you can do to protect your joints, and your whole-body health and wellness, from the ravages of this degenerative type of arthritis.

At South Texas Spinal Clinic, our team supports patients from locations across San Antonio and South Texas. Work with our team to maintain your joint health into your golden years, no matter how old you are now! Here’s what you need to know to get started with your anti-osteoarthritis prevention routine.

Activity for osteoarthritis prevention

Preventing OA is an active process, and physical activity should play a big part in your prevention plan. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day is best for lasting joint health. However, it’s important to strengthen your joints without over-stressing them, so watch out for activity intensity, use the right gear, and always warm up and cool down correctly.

OA is related to wear-and-tear, with the cushioning cartilage in affected joints breaking down, resulting in pain and joint dysfunction. Joint injuries increase your risk of developing OA, so you’ll need to exercise with care!

The amount of body weight your joints have to handle makes a difference when it comes to your OA risk. Healthy, moderate weight loss substantially reduces the amount of pressure on joints in your back, hips, knees, and ankles. 

And, reducing your body weight is an OA prevention strategy that lessens pressure on your joints every day. Make it a long-term strategy to avoid degeneration down the road.

Blood sugar and osteoarthritis

You might change your diet as part of your OA prevention plan in order to achieve healthy weight loss. You should also know that controlling your blood sugar levels can help you avoid OA and joint degeneration!

Conditions like diabetes increase your risk of OA. You may need to regularly check your blood sugar levels, and find blood sugar management strategies that work for you.

Listening to your body

If you’re at higher risk of developing OA due to factors like gender and heredity, pay attention to your physical condition. If you notice pain, get checked out by a professional. The progression of OA can be slowed with the right treatment.

At South Texas Spinal Clinic, we’re here to get you through life with a minimum of intrusion from painful and limiting OA symptoms. No matter your age, it’s not too soon, or too late, to get started with OA prevention.

Schedule your appointment with a member of the South Texas Spinal Clinic team online or over the phone today.

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