Joint Fusion Sounds Extreme — Can it Really Solve My SI Pain?

If you're experiencing chronic lower back pain, there's a good chance your sacroiliac (SI) joint may be the issue. SI problems account for 15-30% of low back pain cases. At South Texas Spinal Clinic, we have six locations in South Texas where we can resolve your SI pain for good with therapies like joint fusion. While the name of this procedure may sound dramatic, the treatment can relieve your lower back pain and let you get on with living your life to the fullest.

Degenerative joint pain

Located in your pelvis, your SI joint connects with your spine. When this joint functions properly, it works to naturally cushion your spine from the impacts created by sudden movements. Think of your SI joint as a shock absorber. When this joint breaks down, you feel pain in your back, buttocks, and legs.

Like most of the other joints in your body, your SI joint experiences wear and tear over time. You could injure this area of your body, or your issues might be purely degenerative in nature, accumulating and growing worse over the years.

The main symptom of SI issues is pain. You may feel pain in your buttocks, lower back, legs, and groin. Your pain symptoms might be worse when you're active, either lifting heavy weights or running, or if you sleep for too long on the affected side. Your pain may worsen when standing up or sitting down. You might also feel sensations of numbness, tingling, or weakness in your lower extremities.

Addressing the problem at the source

Our experienced care team at South Texas Spinal Clinic can diagnose your SI problems and recommend the best course of treatment for your unique health care needs. We use a conservative approach, beginning with physical therapy and treatments like steroid injections before proceeding to more invasive measures.

While joint fusion is a surgery, the procedure is minimally invasive, and not as dramatic as the name may make it sound. With the iFuse Implant™ System, treatment only takes about an hour, and recovery won't eat up months of your time.

During treatment, we use local anesthetics to keep you from feeling pain. We only need to make a small incision on your buttock for the procedure. We insert triangular implants made of titanium across your SI joint, stabilizing your movement and resolving your chronic SI pain. This system has improved quality of life for many SI patients, maximizing range of motion and weight-bearing capability postsurgery.

To find out if joint fusion is the right solution for you, get in touch with South Texas Spinal Clinic today. Our doctors can diagnose your SI issues and recommend the right treatments. You can trust our expertise in cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgical procedures to successfully relieve your lower back or leg pain. To schedule your initial consultation appointment, call our office now, or use the online booking tool.

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