Lesser-Known Symptoms That Can Accompany Neck Pain

Lesser-Known Symptoms That Can Accompany Neck Pain

The neck is one of the most common areas of regular pain among adults in the United States. But did you know that if you suffer from neck pain, other symptoms and issues can occur, as well? You might have health and wellness issues that you don’t even know are related to your chronic neck pain.

At South Texas Spinal Clinic, our team of pain management and orthopedic surgery experts identify the underlying cause of your neck pain and help you better understand the other related symptoms that may be connected to your condition. We treat new and existing patients from locations throughout San Antonio and South Texas.

Symptoms that co-occur with neck pain

Here are some of the lesser-known symptoms you might start to experience in association with neck pain.

Muscle cramps

If your neck pain is due to stress or an unusual resting position, you could have neck pain in addition to muscle strains or spasms. Medication management for pain and inflammation can help settle your condition back to normal.

Numbness or tingling

Your neck contains a number of complex elements, including vertebral bones, cushioning spinal discs, and sensitive nerves. If you suffer from an injury or wear and tear that results in pressure on your cervical nerves, you could experience sensations of numbness or tingling in addition to pain in locations including your neck, hands, and fingers.

Arm or hand pain

Neck pain related to a herniated disc or other spinal problem can sometimes cause referred pain in your arm or hand. This is due to the major nerves that run from your extremities back to your cervical spine through your neck area.

Shooting pain

Pain in your extremities associated with neck problems can feel like burning or shooting pain. If you have shooting pain in your arms or hands, it’s worth getting your neck checked out for spinal issues.

Treating your neck pain and related symptoms

Whether your neck pain and related problems are related to a cervical fracture, muscle spasms, degenerative disc disease, or a herniated disc, the team at South Texas Spinal Clinic can diagnose and address your condition.

Once we determine the cause of your neck pain and related problems, we work with you to put together a treatment plan to completely resolve your uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms. 

Treatment options include medication, muscle and joint injections, nerve blocks, and physical therapy.

To learn more about neck pain symptoms and treatment options, get in touch with the team at South Texas Spinal Clinic today. We provide comprehensive neck pain treatment, including conservative options and minimally invasive surgery.

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