Posture Matters: What Bad Posture Does to Your Spine

Do you wake up in the morning with lower back pain, or suffer from regular headaches or neck pain? The source of the problem might be closer than you think. If you habitually use bad posture when seated or standing, you’re putting pressure on your spine that can lead to pain and other spinal issues.

The expert care team at South Texas Spinal Clinic treats new and existing patients from around the San Antonio and South Texas area with pain management problems. Bad posture causes many of the spine and back conditions we treat in our patients.

If you think your bad posture could be contributing to your spinal problems, we can help you learn more about how to correct the situation before your symptoms get worse.

Bad posture and spinal pressure

Your spine, containing numerous small vertebral bones, cushioning discs, and countless sensitive nerves, runs the length of your neck and back. Your spine bears the weight of your head, and also carries loads related to standing, lifting, and even simply staying upright.

When you maintain good posture, all of these pressures are evenly distributed, and your spine and limbs can function effectively with a full range of motion. Bad posture can put areas of your spine under too much pressure, eventually leading to damage and discomfort.

Postures like slumping or slouching can seem comfortable and restful, but they actually put unnecessary pressure on your spine. To resolve your nagging back pain symptoms, changing your posture might be the easiest and least expensive approach.

Making positive changes to your posture

Instead of sliding into unsupported postures like slumping or slouching, pay attention to your postural habits. Whether you’re sitting, standing, walking, bending, or lying down, your posture matters for your spinal health and overall wellness.

The South Texas Spinal Clinic team can work with you to suggest simple improvements to your posture. Just making a few changes to how you sit, sleep, or work can effectively resolve many back and neck pain complaints.

In general, we suggest that our patients:

With proper posture and good support, you can protect your spine from damage, preventing herniated discs, nerve damage, and other spinal complaints.

To learn more about the connection between your posture and your spinal health and wellness, get in touch with South Texas Spinal Clinic today. You can book your initial consultation appointment over the phone or with the online tool.

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