Tips for Traveling with Back Pain

Tips for Traveling with Back Pain

Back pain, acute or chronic, makes day-to-day life a challenge. And it’s even trickier when you travel. Long hours sitting in cramped airline seats or driving on a road trip can leave your back aching and painful.

At South Texas Spinal Clinic in San Antonio and several locations throughout South Texas, our expert care team provides diagnosis, care, and support for new and existing patients with back pain. But travel can throw a wrench in your back pain management. Here are some way to stay comfortable no matter what your travel plans throw at you. 

Planning for a pain-free trip

Not all travel situations and schedules are equally stressful for a pain-prone back. In fact, if you can control your physical position, and the timing of your trip, you may be able to save yourself from uncomfortable back aches and pains.

Packing your comfort kit

When you travel, it’s essential to have the supplies you need to keep yourself comfortable after a long day. Here are some of the things to pack in your comfort kit:

Also, pay attention to your luggage, packing light when possible, and using luggage with wheels that doesn’t strain your back

Managing your back pain condition

Talk to your provider at South Texas Spinal Clinic about the best strategies for managing your back pain at home and while traveling. In general, back pain patients can often benefit from management strategies including:

For help planning for your next big trip, and for diagnosis and treatment services that may be able to reduce or totally resolve your back pain symptoms, get in touch with the team of back pain experts at South Texas Spinal Clinic today. 

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