South Texas Fracture Prevention Clinic



Your Fracture Liason Service:

Let the South Texas Fracture Prevention Clinic Help you determine your bone health when: 

  • You are concerned about your bone health
  • Your doctor feels you will benefit from a bone health evaluation
  • You are older than 50 and have had a fracture or broken bone

What Can I Expect When I Visit the Clinic?

Your provider will ask you questions to obtain a thorough and accurate medical history. You will receive a physical exam and possible lab work to further evaluate how to care for you.

Your bone health will further be determined by a DEXA machine. The DEXA machine uses x-rays to measure your bone density and will give a diagnosis of either osteoporosis (extremely low bone mass), osteopenia (low bone mass), or healthy bone.

What is the Procedure?

You will need to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing without metal fasteners or buttons, preferably clothing with an elastic waistband or drawstring. Sweats or exercise clothing is ideal. The test usually takes about 15 minutes and uses very little radiation. Similar to an MRI, you will lay on the DEXA table while the staff positions you for optimal alignment. A maximum of three scans will be taken to determine your bone health.

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