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3/5/18 Deborah D (Dr. Harris) 

I was very pleased with the whole experience start to finish. Everyone has been great. Worked with Stephanie and she was great. Thanks!

3/8/18 Sylvia L (Dr. Pipkin) 

Very good.

3/12/18 Petra R (Dr. Pearson) 

I am extremely satisfied with my treatment. The physical therapists are outstanding! Exercises have really helped me with my pain. They are easy to do after a while. I have learned and taken time to do them at home. Lately, after I leave my session I feel great... not in pain. Would recommend to anyone.

3/15/18 Phil W (Dr. Dayani) 

Great!! Stephanie, Cole and Sean were excellent. They got me to as close to my "former" abilities as possible. Hopefully I'll never need therapy again, but if I do, I'll have no problem returning! THANKS!!

3/15/18 Mary V (Dr. Joshi)

Positive. Relaxed & focused atmosphere. All staff helpful and knowledgeable. I am improved, less discomfort and pain. Have learned new ways to manage day to day and great exercises. Knee issue has continuously played a role and staff has worked to ease that discomfort.

3/15/18 Dina H (Dr. Joshi) 

Everyone was great! Front desk (Olivia), scheduling, PT's, PTA all wonderful.

3/23/18 Rosalinda B (Dr. Gurwitz)

Excellent. Very helpful.

3/26/18 Charles H (Dr. Joshi) 

It's been great!

3/5/18 Karen R (Dr. Joshi) 

Excellent! Early on had concerns about location but no problems. Front office (Bethannie) very good, on top of everything. Caregivers knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

3/13/18 Norma G (Dr. Hirsch)

When I first started pain was at 10 after weeks of physical therapy with excellent staff my pain is at no pain at all. Thank You

3/21/18 Naomi L (Dr. Hirsch) Testimonial was written in Spanish and translated

The attention that was given by the doctors was marvelous and the secretary was always very attentive with me. Attention and the preparation that you can see the doctors have is excellent. Thank You


4/2/18 M. Boatman (Greenfield) 

My experience here with Chase and Sean have been great, my pain on my shoulder has gone away, I feel great. I would surely come back if needed. Thank You! So very Much. 

4/10/18 K. Bryant (Hirsch)

Great experience from beginning to end. I would highly recommend South Texas Spinal Clinic. I came in with low back and foot pain. I had been to 3 prior physical therapy centers with no real improvement. Chase and the team gave me individual attention and I saw results within a couple of weeks. I would return to this location again if I ever need physical therapy.


4/16/18 N. Gaya (Ramos) 

I arrived to my first appointment with my left arm cold and without moving (a lot of pain). Today I left my therapy moving my arm without pain! I love it! Very professional! Thank You!

4/18/18 M. Valenzuela (Hirsch) 

The therapy has helped some but I need more time than what I have had. I need more therapy, a lot more. Thanks for what I was allowed.

4/26/18 R. Hormachea (Vazquez)

All treatment was very helpful. I’m feeling 10 times better then when I started. Everyone treated me great. I will recommend to everyone where I work. Thanks y’all are great. 


Hardy Oak:

4/10/18 K. Kurek (Dr. Hirsch)

It was wonderful. The staff is great and I feel like a new person. Thank you.

4/11/18 C. Solano-Mendoza (Dr. Joshi)

I have enjoyed every visit; such professional, friendly staff. I have also had such improvement in my symptoms.

4/13/18 T. Parker (Dr. Jenne) 

All staff were very helpful and pleasant. I was provided with home exercises and different tips to loosen my lower back. Overall, it was a good experience.

4/20/18 W. Watson (Dr. Gurwitz)

I am very pleased with the therapy. The exercises were appropriate and helpful. The therapists were all wonderful. I would recommend STPT to anyone. The staff was also wonderful. I do intend to continue with all the exercises and stretches recommended by the therapists. Thank you so much. God bless.

4/25/18 P. Burns (Dr. Gurwitz)

Very positive experience. Professional, polite, caring.

4/25/18 F. Grinshpan (Dr. Gurwitz) 

I am very thankful to Stephanie Rangel, Cole Allison, and the rest of the staff for the attention given to me. The best physical therapy office by far.

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