Physical Therapy Testimonials


10/29/18 Adrian V (Hirsch)

“It was excellent and they did a good job with therapy and I feel better then I was before”

10/26/18 Rosie G (Hirsch)

“I came seeking relief of a shooting electrical feeling, down the side of the left knee. A lot of numbness. I am satisfied with my condition, it has improved where even though I still have some numbness. I can tolerate much better. Both physical therapists were very helpful on my recovery. I recommend them highly plus the receptionist was very kind and reminded you of your appointments. Everyone is very helpful”

10/2/18 Jennifer M (Hirsch/Pearson)

“Your staff was very helpful and encouraging. I looked forward to my visits each week. They gave me a variety of exercises that have helped me feel better and I am capable of continuing at home. Will miss coming but excited to be moving around with less pain. Thank You for everything! “

10/4/18 Whitney W (Hirsch/Pearson)

“When I started coming to S. Tx Spinal Clinic Physical Therapy I felt as I was switching clinicians often so it felt like I was always starting over. Also I felt they would give me different do’s and dont’s. This only lasted a few weeks though. Since that experience though I have had extremely good care. When you walk in the door Bethannie is always so friendly and helpful. My injury is a very frustrating one that kept coming back and Victor and Adam both were very encouraging through the journey. They both were great teachers on the injury, body structure, exercise and fixes. I cannot thank them both for the patience through the frustrations of this injury. Victor and Adam have provided me with plenty of tools to manage my injury. Overall it was a great experience.” 

10/10/18 Kimberly T

“I would like to thank Victor for pushing me to do my best, even when I feel I am at my weakest, he encouraged me to keep pushing myself to do my absolute best at getting better. I have no other way of showing my gratitude then to just keep getting better even if I feel 100 % already. God bless everyone here at the Physical Therapy office because without you guys I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now! Love always, Kimberly T

10/12/18 David L (Hirsch/Benfield)

“I believe my physical condition greatly improved over the course of my physical therapy treatments. The physical therapy staff who worked with my treatments were Victor Luna, Landon Olson $& Adam. All the therapists were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and compassionate. The therapists made me feel comfortable by getting to know me on a personal level as opposed to just being a patient. The receptionist of Bethannie was always friendly, helpful, and patient. She always called to remind me of my scheduled appointments. She always worked with me on scheduling appointments. I would strongly recommend this physical therapy location to all my family and friends.

“Staff is knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate”

10/15/18 Esmeralda R (Hirsch)

“Since I came ack to therapy for my lower back treatment, it’s been helping me a lot. I will be returning back soon to continue my treatments. I would like to thank Victor, Adam and Chase for everything they have done for me to get back where I was. I will also like to thank Bethannie. Keep up your smile. That’s what pt’s like to see. Love you all.

Staff is so sweet. Keep up the excellent work!”

10/1/2018 DROSEY S (DR. GUERRA)


10/4/2018 LISA P (Dr. Hirsch)

Great experience. Learned specific techniques to facility progress in healthcare ways. Staff thoroughly professional. Atmosphere relaxed. Thank you


100 % Satisfied with therapist Z. Ali both with his technical ability and his personal warmth/ care.

10/15/2018  JAMES I (Dr. GURWITZ)

The physical therapy was excellent. Zishan is very knowledgeable and helpful. He pointed out the areas I need to work on and gave me excellent instructions to perform the exercises.

Larry G

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Greenfield,

Almost one year ago (on December 31), you operated on the shoulder, wrist and hip because I had fallen and broken those many bones. Now, thanks to you, I am back to living a normal life. In fact, I was able to go back to my beloved hobby of working in the yard. I mowed, trimmed, and used the blower in my one-acre yard this summer. It wasn't easy at first, but I kept working at it and so my recovery has been excellent.

My wife and I think of you both often and we are so very grateful for your excellent work in putting me back together again.

Merry Christmas!

John U

PT is the most important thing a person can do after a major injury and surgery. Ketki, my PT is extremely knowledgeable and has been the key to my final steps in the recovery process. I would and do suggest you call South Texas Spinal Clinic.

Daniel R

After having been injured and resulting in herniated discs, Physical Therapy was recommended by my Doctor. I visited South Texas Spinal Clinic Physical Therapy and met with Ms. Ketki Rana, where she evaluated me and proceeded to lay out a plan and regimen to help me get better and reduce my pain level. I am very appreciative and thankful for the attentive care and compassion which Ms. Rana displayed towards me. Her vast knowledge of my condition was very reassuring during my treatment. Not only did she guide me through the exercises, but also clearly explained what the purpose was and how it would benefit me. Ms. Ketki Rana is a true consummate professional with a wonderful and caring attitude. She is a true asset for South Texas Spinal Clinic Physical Therapy. Thank you Ketki!!

Nunki R

Best PT clinic I have ever gone to. From the initial consult, the process was smooth, fast, and suited my needs. The PT sessions were excellent, as they were tailored not only to help with my pain issues but also my day to day activities were factored in. My therapists, Ketki Rana and Nancy Bowers, collaborated and communicated efficiently about my treatment; which in turn made it even more efficient. Ketki made sure I was set up with a continued home exercise program after my sessions were finished. Nancy always took the time to show me how to do the exercises correctly and gave me great tips on continuing care. Mary at the front desk was excellent in accommodating my schedule needs and making sure all my appointments were scheduled properly. Overall, my experience was extremely satisfactory. So much so, that I have already recommended people I know to go to your clinic. Ketki was really awesome and went above and beyond to help manage my recovery process.

Rosario M

Your clinicians work you the full hour, very competent.

Lawrence F

Everyone has an excellent attitude towards the patients

Lindsey C

Came in with pain & finished with no pain. Staff is great

Maria T

This is the best clinic I have been to, and that is many. Everything was excellent, all are very humble and easy to talk to.

Reynaldo R

They took the time to explain how each exercise help with my condition

Lauralee M

Everything has by far exceeded my expectations

Tammie H

All great

Deborah B

Bethannie is very friendly. Chase explains all techniques-very thorough-friendly-caring.

Jerrica V

I really enjoyed my time in Physical Therapy. My results left me feeling great. Thank You

Eugene K

The people of the clinic are willing to help with your needs. Everyone was extremely helpful, friendly and caring. Love the attitude could not have asked for a better experience and will recommend to others.

Patel D

From day 1 to the day of discharge everything was fine. Staff was really helpful regarding everything. The office and the whole place was very clean and neat. The Therapist was awesome, helped right on the point and also gave exercising pamphlets for home.


Louis V

Personal attention to my problem was great! The front desk staff was courteous.

Melody S

I appreciate all of you here. This has been a great experience. I know I will see you again. Thank you!

All of the staff was very helpful and friendly. Not only were they proficient at their jobs, but seemed to be very happy as well. Therapist very knowledgeable.

Garrett V

Coming to physical therapy here is always an enjoyable experience. Sometimes leaving a little sore, but all the PT’s and PTA’s are very attentive to detail and do a great job about working with you and explaining thoroughly what the exercise is accomplishing.

Bhaskar G

Overall, I am satisfied with the personal attention I received, the professionalism I saw, the training that my PT must have received and the friendly demeanor. Also, I credit the receptionists for the friendly approach, the timeliness and overall I felt I got what I came in for. Many Thanks!

Larry L

Everything was great!

Rebecca C

When I walked in for my initial visit, I was in a great deal of pain. I was walking bent forward from my waist, unable to straighten upward in normal position. After my third visit, I was almost completely free of pain. The exercises have helped to strengthen areas that I was unaware were so weak. I was especially impressed by the caring and compassionate attitudes of each therapist that treated me. Chase Olson stands out because the manner by which he explained the best way to accomplish the exercises and how to avoid postures that would detract from the exercise’s effectiveness. I have attended another physical therapy office, which was most unsatisfactory. I will definitely share this most positive experience with others.

Jaime T

When I first came in, I was walking with a noticeable limp. The staff here worked the areas specified to my injury. They gave me exercises to do at home that helped to improve my stance. Throughout my PT, I could feel the improvement on my ankle. There has been almost no pain from my ankle. Definitely much better, and I feel more confident walking without pain. So grateful that I was able to get the therapy I got. The staff are A-1. Very helpful, easy to work with and very professional. Thank you very much.

Teresa F

Takes the time to explain things and answer questions! When I began my physical therapy, I was constantly in tears from pain. The pain interfered with my work performance and my mental health. I could not play with my grandchildren without extreme pain. After the 1st month my pain had decreased significantly and I was able to move (walk) and take care of work responsibilities much more efficiently. PT took the time to explain how every movement affected my body. He pushed me but not so far that I dreaded coming. I am now able to get around better with at least ½ the pain. My extreme pain has been minimized by at least 75%. I will continue to do the exercises assigned to me to maintain and continue to improve.

Aida K

Physical therapy was helpful through most of my injury - when it was basically mystery pain, and after my MRI when we knew what was going on. I definitely think physical therapy was a great treatment for me.

Steven K

Excellent - Exercises have REALLY helped!!

Charlotte C

A very pleasant experience! The office staff was very professional and polite. Cole Allison chose exercises that have been very successful for my daughter's scoliosis back pain. Cole explained everything well and made sessions entertaining instead of a chore. That's hard to do with a teenager! Thank you!


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