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More Physical Therapy Testimonials


Ksenia P (Dr Gurwitz)

I truly enjoyed coming to this facility. Very polite friendly staff, clean office. Its was easy to schedule appointments and I always got reminders that helped. Chase and Victor did a great job with evaluations and understanding my needs. I went to different PT locations including New York, Chicago and I can tell that this place is amazing. These guys know what they are doing. Thank you so much. I feel much better. WOW!


Barbara C (Dr Gantz)

I was extremely satisfied with the services provided by both Chase and Victor. They were both extremely helpful and providing physical instructions as well as illustrations and instructions, written on paper for each exercise. Should recommend the both of them to any on I know that needed this type of service.


Luisa C (Dr Vizurraga)

I’m very satisified with the staff. I got my full hour each time and when I complained about an area Victor and Chase would work on that area to take my pain away. I do recommend this office to a lot of people  that I speak to about my knee surgery.


Julie K (Dr Gurwitz)

My Experience coming here has been excellent! Victor and Chase taught me variety of exercises and stretches to help heal my lower back pain. I have made a lot of improvement with the sessions. Front Desk staff is very friendly helpful, and professional. Thank you!


Lloyd L (Dr Geibel)

I feel like I have made progress in becoming more mobile but am hoping I can still schedule some more treatmetns in the new year. Victor is very patient and professional in his treatments.


Kathleen J (Dr Jenne)

I have had Physical Therapy several times, but I’ve never had suck knowledgeable therapists. Especially notible is there ability to explain exactly whats going on in my body and why its happening.  Also Jessica is real asset to your facility. She’s the most cheerful & pleaseant office person I’ve ever seen! I’ll be back, I’m sure when the next problem pops up!


Ann G (Dr Gurwitz)

Chase and Victor are very knowledgeable and I feel like I’m improving a bit. Thank you Jessica on helping me get convenient appointments. Thank you all.


Cynthia V (Dr Xu)

Very Very satisfied with my results. Will help me later with the knowledge I’ve gained. The staff was very helpful. Couldn’t have done this without JESSICA’S help accommodating my schedule. Will come back given a choice. Thank you so much. Will be missed (the staff).


Kirk J (Dr Deemer)

My experience with your clinic was outstanding. Chase Olson was extremely knowledgeable and did a great job with my neck condition. I feel like I can take what I learned from him and continue to work on my neck on my own to continue to improve. Jessica was also awesome to interact with, both on the phone and in person. I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone that needed Physical Therapy.


Tina S (Dr Lynch)

Chase was really great. He provded excellent service with physical therapy exercises. Chase and other staff were very compasionate and flexible with there schedule. I had a great service at South Texas Physical Therapy Clinic and I highly recommend it to others.


Charles W (Dr Wallace)

This is my 2nd time here and it is an exceptional place with exceptional people. I 100% receommend them whatever your situation. You will heal faster, gain strength and flexibility. Plus realize you will not get better if you don’t put in the work.


Warren B (Dr Pettyjohn)

When I first came in I was suffering from a lot of lower back pain and moderate sciatica. With the targeted physical therapy I received plus my assigned home exercises. My symptoms are almost gone, short of injections or surgery, I’m improved about as much as I can get thanks to South Texas Physical Therapy. I highly recommend them.


Deborah N (Dr Xu)

Prior to physical therapy my pain levels were high and hard to move or do daily chores/activities. After physical therapy pain level has decreased and I can move a lot without pain or joint discomfort.


Mariyln G (Dr Xu)

My pain level used to be a 7 before physical therapy and now its decreased to a 3. I love the one on one help doing exercises and providing feedback. I have been to PT 3 times prior to here and this place is the only one that has provided any help! I love that the therapist listen and provide answers and information.


Vickie C (Dr Hirsch/PA Senesi)

Before physical therapy I was in severe numbness, pain and limited range of motion, plus severe imbalance and headache issues. Since I have completed physical therapy my pain levels and numbness have decreased and my range of motion has increased, awesome! They were all awesome. They have helped me so much and I have been recommending them to everyone I come across with issues I have also shared my experience and progress with my other specialist and recommend they use you all. Thank you for all you have done for me, God bless!


Jennifer B (Dr Dennis)

My pain level was pretty high in my left thigh, both calves and both feet. This made everyday living almost unbearable, the only thing I could do comfortable was recline on my couch. Now my calf pain is pretty much gone, foot pain has decreased and leg pain is intermittent. I can actually do my day to day activities comfortable. I cannot tell y’all how much I appreciate everything. I have been to 2 other PT places before here and they were so different. Adam, Chase and Tiffany are amazing at what they do. Everyone at the office is caring, patient and compassionate. The staff really shows they are their patients.


Roland S (Dr Xu)

Prior to physical therapy I was very limited on movement with severe pain and very little flexibility. I had weakness associated with numbness and tingling of lower/upper extremities. I now have become more flexible and physical therapy has helped with managing my pain. Staff shows concern for my well-being and improved my health condition.


Wilbur A Dr (Pearson)

Before physical therapy my pain was a 9 out 10 pain scale and unable to perform daily duties. My pain level has now decreased. Adam, Tiffany and Sam are great!


Felix R (PA Cadrain)

I used to have problems to do some movements and the pain was always present on my back. Since completing physical therapy I have less pain and can move much better and easier. I love Tiffany, Adam and Sam and very thankful with God for having them all in here. They are real caring people. Thank you for this great group of people, they make us feel like home. They are a blessing.


Corine G (Dr Xu)

My pain has improved greatly.


Kellie S (Dr. Geibel)

When I started PT, my back and leg always hurt. I couldn’t do what I needed in my everyday life. I grew accustom to the pain and accepted that was what my life would be through the PT I received, the pain slowly decreased. I finally felt like I was half way back to normal. Victor pushed me to do my very best and taught me how to do the exercises very well. He was patient with me and I appreciated all the hard work he did. I finally don’t have constant pain. The entire staff is amazing and friendly. Coming to PT was never a chore. It was something I looked forward to. I’m grateful for being a patient here and if I have any problems in the future this is where I plan on coming.


Ben C (Dr. Murphy)

At the age of 73 sciatica finally hit me. Being referred to South Texas Physical Therapy was the best thing that could have happened to me. I’m now walking with so much relief that people ask me why I’m smiling while walking!


Jariel C (Dr. Joshi)

Therapist and front personnel are excellent. My recovery was good. Did have a small step back due to spinal shot. Thanks to Victor and his recognition of system and therapist provided, I had a quick recovery. Over all I’m glad the therapies contributed to my quick recovery.


Glen S (Dr. Lynch)

TMy Experience with Spinal Clinic PT was profitable and healing physically. The staff and treatment met my expectations. I’m in a position to manage to physical maladies with both directions I have received from them.


Eugenio G (Dr. Joshi)

Victor and Chase did excellent job helping me return to the condition I was in before my surgery. Victor especially helped with strategy to help with my marathon prep. Jessica was especially helpful with scheduling very kind and considerate when I was running late or unable to attend due to my scheduling conflicts.


Evangelina M (Dr. Hirsch)

My pain was a 10 prior to physical therapy when flare ups would occur. Now my flare up are minimal and pain level has decreased. Everyone’s customer service is great!


Sally F (Dr. Hirsch)

Prior to physical therapy I had stiffness and pain when standing long periods of time, difficulty getting comfortable when sitting or sleeping. Since I had done physical therapy my pain has reduced when standing long periods of time and reduced discomfort when sitting. Tiffany, Adam and Samantha were fantastic.


Adrian M (Dr. Xu)

Physical therapy helped my pain completely go away. I highly recommend this office, thank you.


Mary O (Dr. Greenfield)

My movement was very poor and physical therapy has helped dramatically. Excellent therapist who are friendly, kind, gentle, and sense of humor


Cecilia P (Dr. Hirsch)

My pain and other symptoms were moderate to severe. Physical Therapy helped me understand where and why I was in pain. I have learned how to alleviate certain pains. Thank you for the entire experience. I only wish I had been provided you services sooner. I loved  thorough explanations I received from all the staff.


Dora M (Dr. Dennis)

My back problem made me limited to house work and standing long periods of time. After physical therapy I am able to sit and stand properly. Tiffany did an excellent job and the staff was efficient.


Berlinda O (PA Senesi)

Now I can move a little better. No need for improvement they did good work


Berlinda O (PA Senesi)

Now I can move a little better. No need for improvement they did good work


Mary P (Dr. Rodriguez)

Before physical therapy I was in lots of pain and discomfort and now I have more mobility. Adam and Tiffany listen to us about our pain and readjust therapy. Lots of helpful exercises to continue to get stronger.


Carl D (Dr. Dennis)

Prior to physical therapy I had difficulty in turning head side to side and up and down. Physical therapy has helped with range of motion. Excellent staff.


Richard Y (Dr. Vazquez)

My legs were very weak and easily tired. Since I have completed physical therapy I am much stronger. Tiffany and Adam are great at explaining of how and why the importance if each exercise.


Amado V (Dr. Senesi)

Before I could not lift my arm over my shoulder and pain level was a 4. I feel 90% better and I can roll my wheelchair by myself, thank you!


Luanne G (Dr. Dennis):

Prior to physical therapy my pain level was high and interfered with daily tasks and unable to sit or stand for long periods of time. After my physical therapy sessions I feel that overall my pain has decreased and movement ability has increased. I learned tools for stretching and movements to help relieve discomfort. All the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. They provided care with respect to each patient individually. Tiffany was especially helpful in providing guidance on how and why certain movements are helpful to condition and which movements should be avoided.


Christina V (PA Cadrain)

I used to not be able to walk long distance and my pain level was at a 7 or 8. Now I am able to walk an hour with minimal breaks, able to clean and my pain level is at 2. Everyone did a great job!


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